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Travel highlights Chile

travel highlights Chile

The Atacama Desert is the driest desert on earth. Portions of this desert have never seen rain in all of recorded history. While it is a sparsely populated plateau, running from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountains, it's very popular.

Chilean Patagonia
The most famous region of Chile, Chilean Patagonia offers all the dramatic landscape one would expect from the world's ultimate land's end. Here the South American continent falls away in a dazzling explosion of islands, glaciers, icebergs and mountains. It is truly one of mother nature's grand finales.

Easter Island
The famous Easter Island offer you a lot of hightlights like the unfinished statues, the Playa Arenal anthe Easter Island Annual Ceremonies. Even if it´s not cheap to get there it is worth it.

Central Coast Beaches
The central coast of Chile has numerous small resorts, fishing villages and the pair of cities Vina del Mar and Valparaiso. Empty all year except for Jan and Feb, these beaches are spectacular, the water freezing and a fantastic escape from modern life. Many cabins are available near the waterfront and increasingly surfers and water junkies are flooding to Chile.

Lake District
A forested region of lush old growth forests, clean lakes and snowcapped vulcanos and deep clear lakes. The Lake District streches 339 km form Temuco in the north to Puerto Montt in the south. Climb a volcano, explore deserted lakes, or raft the numerous Andean torrents.

Valle del Elqui
It has an ideal landscape for outdoor activities and sports around nature. Besides, its clear skies permit you to enjoy astronomical observation. It has scientific constructions like Cerro Totolo and Mamalluca Astronomical Observatories, both state of the art facilities.

Santa Cruz Wine Valley
The Colchagua valley is a broad valley well known for its excellent wines. A steam train on site makes for a spectacular trip down and back. For overnight stays, the Hotel Santa Cruz is the best place in town, they also have the biggest wine cellar in all of Chile, with hundreds of local varieties. An extra day can also be spent driving all the way over to the Pichilemu surfer´s hangout.

Torres del Paine
Probably the most famous single photo of Chile are the towering spires of Torres del Paine. Located north of Tierra del Fuego these are remote areas completely worth the visit.